When Your Family Size has Changed and Your Home Hasn’t, Change the House

Most people who have ever been through a home renovation remember it as a stressful, crazy-making experience, even when they love the outcome. Usually, this has been anticipated for years, thought-about and planned for. Someone has probably been watching diy tv shows and looking at home and garden magazines while looking for ideas. Whatever the reason for the remodel, it’s almost never a spur-of-the-moment project.

Many people decide to renovate their existing home because they love the neighborhood and the area, but the home no longer meets their current needs. The family may have outgrown the home or else the children are moving on into college or their own careers. Sometimes, the house just looks dated. Either way, the most important decision to make is to find the right contractor. It makes all the difference between a nightmare project and the house of your dreams.

Tips on Choosing the Right Contractor

Personal recommendations are always a great way to find someone. If you know a building inspector, see if they have any pointers. They know which contractors meet the code requirements routinely. Another place to check is at the local lumberyard. They know which contractors buy the high quality materials and, equally important, pay their bills on time.

Do a few phone interviews. Ask if they can handle a project of that size and how busy they are currently. Is there a list of former clients that could be contacted? How long have they been working with their subcontractors?

Meet personally with those contractors who seemed best and request estimates. If you don’t feel at ease with the contractor, trust your instincts. If the homeowner and contractor can’t communicate satisfactorily, the home renovation project could be harder than necessary. There will undoubtedly be changes and there needs to be a good system of ensuring that these changes are fully understood on both sides.

Now is the time to use this research. Check with some former clients about how their jobs went. Ask if a visit to see the work would be possible. Look at a current job site. Is it neat and clean? Are the workers polite and taking care with the property?

Finally, meet with the chosen contractor and go over the plans in detail.

Briar Design Build has a plan and a process designed to make the renovation project go smoothly. They call it eliminating the renovation roller coaster. If you have a project under consideration, visit their website at home renovation blog to learn more about how they could help you achieve your goal. Contact them at http://briardesignbuild.ca/ .

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